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At Northern Forklifts, experts in Forklift hire Auckland, services & Second Hand Forklifts, rental, we’re all about old-fashioned Kiwi-style customer service of the kind that existed before marketing nerds discovered the term “customer service”. We believe that first and foremost it’s our job to give our customers the very best advice we can as to what equipment will best handle their job. We put time and effort into making sure we understand what you do and how you do it now. Then we look at your objective and consider if there’s a better way to achieve it. Ideally the best way will involve some Hangcha forklifts manufactured in a modern factory that’s ISO-accredited and with all models complying with European Standards for forklift manufacture and design. But because we’re always honest in our advice, if the solution lies outside that, we’ll tell you and help you to get there. Contact us today!


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