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Cash App users have access to the different payment features. Sending money online, receiving payments and withdrawing money is easy to process with Cash App. To enjoy uninterrupted payment services, you need to follow Cash App terms of service. The fraud detection technology and other security features of the Cash App constantly monitor the activity of the users. Cash App closed account for violation of terms and conditions.

If you are wondering Cash App closed my account due to violation, how to recover the account? Here we will guide you to recover the closed Cash App account. You have to contact customer support to open your account. Follow the instruction below;

  • Create a new Cash app account with a mobile or email ID.

  • Complete your account profile with the correct information.

  • Now, click on Support to reach out to the customer service team.

  • Send your request to open the closed account on Cash App.

  • They may ask you some questions, submit your answers accordingly.

  • If you have satisfied all the terms and conditions, Cash App will permit you to open your account.

You can recover the Cash App locked account after following the above troubleshooting steps. However, if you want to avoid such a situation, follow the Cash App policy, verify your account, link a valid debit card, and make your Cash App transaction history healthy. Contact customer support if there is something unusual with your account.

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